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Mickael 34 years old

Ultra-distance runner

In September 2022

I will try to  set

a record running the GR5

Suivi live


The project

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5  country

2,400 km

60,000 D+

40 days

Known for its alpine part, this king of the GR does not just cross the Alps

The GR5 long-distance footpath starts from the North Sea (Hoek van Holland) to reach the Mediterranean Sea in Nice, France.

It passes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France where it crosses the Vosges and the Jura, Switzerland where it continues its crossing of the Jura to Lake Geneva and then again in France for the north-south crossing of the French Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea. One of the longest, most demanding and beautiful GRs offered by these territories!

The goal is simple but ambitious, at the beginning of September 2022, I will start running the whole GR5 from North to South in the shortest possible time and try to establish a time reference for this beautiful crossing.

During my journey I really want to transmit and sensitize children to our ecosystem, there is an urgent need to reconnect to the living world and this is the best way to see it in my opinion. This is why I have build a partnership with the Saint Jean de Bournay elementary school. I will be in touch with pupils and teachers. Through small videos, I will make them wonder  about all the things that will surround me along these thousands of kilometers.

Beyond a personal challenge, it is an inspiration source for all, and at any level, that I hope to bring... But also to encourage some people to come and walk this GR for a few hours, a few days or more with me or by themselves!

My Supports

Alone we go far, together we go to the finish line!

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Preparation/recovery for exercise, miha bodytec personal coach, personalized athlete follow-up according to objectives, stewardship and follow-up on events!

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