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My journey

My name is Mickael BERTHON


My passion for running is often off the beaten track, I like races and atypical challenges. I like to go where I can be a pioneer, create, get out of my comfort zone.

My favorite distances often exceed the famous 100 miles and I'm more motivated to go on an adventure where I have to manage 2/3 nights without sleeping rather than a classic race where all the comfort is available for the runner.

I have already lived many adventures that allowed me to push my limits and get to know myself better, but the one I am about to experience is unique, setting a record on such a long crossing requires action way before putting the first foot on the mythical course that I have decided to tread. And it is with you who read these few lines that I have decided to share it!

I am a lover of what mother nature has put in our way and my feet are for me, the most beautiful way to build this love.


Authenticity Self-transcendence Sharing Discovery Immersion Perseverance Humility


A few adventures

Drôme Valley Challenge (winner 2022)
Combo of a 136km ultra trail on Saturday and a 42km maratrail on Sunday


Red Dirt Ultra 100 miles (2nd)

An ultra to test myself against the Americans


Loops at the Chartreuse Terminorum

3 attempts to finish the toughest race in France!


Infernal trail 200 (winner in autonomy)

Short walk of 200km and 10,000 d+ in the Vosges  (fall of 2021)


Crossing the Mercantour  (North>>>South)

56 hours for 230 km and 15,000 D+ without stopping


Crossing the GR20 (South>>>North)

Corsica in autonomy, 6 days for 190 km and 14,000 D+


Appalachian Trail Trek

The smokies mountains in total autonomy closest to the black bears!

But also :

finisher of the Grand Raid de la Réunion,  of the Grand Raid Pyrénéen (220 km) of the 3 races of the Echappée Belle, tour of Chartreuse by the valley and by the heights, Chambarans loop, crossing des Vosges, a 40-hour non-stop race in an unknown direction, among other hiking adventures...

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