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Newsletter August 2022

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

So ! Rather petanque or GR5? Summer is already well advanced and for me it's more like GR5 en Vanoise with my clients.

I see this GR "almost" every day, and in a few weeks I will be traveling from the North Sea to the Mediterranean with the aim of crossing it as quickly as possible, the desire is there, the strangers too, that makes the adventure even more thrilling.

So what's new since the end of June?! Already a big thank you to all those present at the most ultra evening of the year as well as to all of my generous donors! Thanks to you, the project budget is 2/3 completed.

We have already had big expenses, equipment and video editing, unexpected parts to change on the motorhome and also budget forecasts to review, increase in the price of gasoline and certain foods, but I have faith in the future. , in our resilience and in the enthusiasm aroused. Moreover, will become international in the coming days with an English version of the site, it is still 5 different countries that I am about to cross and not all of them are French-speaking.

Do not hesitate to share the project around you and beyond our borders! You are actors of this challenge in your own way by helping me to set this crazy record! You will find on the site the links to my Facebook and Instagram pages also to immerse yourself closer to the adventure.

the presentation video of the project:

Many people ask me how to find myself on the course for a greeting, an hour or a day of common road. It touches me a lot! It is difficult to establish a precise schedule since I wish to establish a time record but we will soon publish a table which will give an idea of ​​where I could be according to the dates.

You will understand, I want to have my head as free as possible from logistical and organizational worries when I leave, I am lucky to have a strong team that will assist me as far as Nice and for people who would like plan their comings and let us know you can already contact Fiona at:, I can already imagine the pleasure of meeting you along my way to the South.

A few days ago, the FKT association, which deals with running distance records, validated the course of this full GR5. So it's about (if I don't get lost on the way) 2200 kms 66,000m of positive elevation, as many negatives await me.

We are testing live tracking with a GPS beacon that I will carry with me. This will allow you to see my position live via the website.

Departure scheduled around September 10. Before hitting the road for the start line of this crossing in Hoeck Van Holland in the Netherlands, I will have to meet the children with whom I will discuss throughout my journey on various subjects related to the environment and nature.

The start is approaching, I am ready and determined, your support will be my fuel, see you soon on two feet!


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