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Newsletter September 2022

When I started writing this newsletter, I already told myself that this is one of the very last times, if not the last, that I will write to you before setting off on the GR5. A certain emotion between fear and excitement invades me, surely the awareness of what I am about to do...

The final adjustments are being refined, the departure is planned from Hoeck Van Holland between September 10 and 11.

From now on you can consult the map of the route as well as my provisional table of stages on my website in the “live follow-up” section. Moreover, throughout my attempt, you will be able to follow me via this page thanks to the GPS tracker that I will carry on me.

Information on my progress will also be posted by Fiona on my various social networks.

For all those who would like to join me for a moment of shared effort, do not hesitate to contact Fiona so that she can organize all this as well as possible at There is no doubt that your presence will give me a smile and the necessary strength. This adventure is just as much about sharing as it is about performance.

Moreover, I will meet the children and the teachers who take part in the project Tuesday, September 06, then, we will quietly take the road to reach the Netherlands (if the God of motorhomes is willing to provide us with the part necessary to repair on time).

The English version of the site is now available! Do not hesitate to share this adventure around you. The project pot is progressing and I thank you a thousand times! It's already more than 1500 euros in equipment and services that have been spent and we haven't left yet! I also thank my sponsors Raidlight and Altra for the equipment they gave me and in which I trust.

Here, it only remains to say a first thank you for taking me so close to this starting line, now it's up to me to unfold my score!


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