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The challenge

Genesis of the project

For years that I have been walking the paths of our beautiful France, I have crossed and followed a bunch of tagged trails, but there is one that I have crossed much more regularly than the others. We often hear about its Alpine part under the name of "Crossing the Alps", but this king of the GRs, these tagged trails with a sign made of white and red paintings, does not content itself with crossing three of the most beautiful mountain ranges in France which are the Vosges, the Jura and the Alps. It does not stop at a border as if it were the end of a world, no, it connects two emblematic seas of what we called "Europe"! It was enough for me to dream of pacing it entirely, and of pacing it in MY way, of course. I will connect by feet and as quickly as possible the North Sea to the Mediterranean via the GR5 because I have decided to Live my dreams and not to dream my Life!




How am I going to do?

  • The kick off will be at the beginning of September, a period when nature operates a transition between summer and fall. The colors and the lights will add beauty to the places crossed.


  • 40 days with 50 to 90 kms daily to reach Nice. This is the maximum time I allowto myself to achieve this record.


  • For logistics, I’m lucky to own a motorhome that will be my basecamp. The goal is to always have someone who follows my progress, make some food, check the itinerary for the next day. It will give me more flexibility in my steps because I could decide which distance to cover each day depending on the ground, my tiredness, the weather, etc.


  • Communicate via social networks on the progress, the adventure I am living and the different territories crossed.


  • Talk and share with school children about different topics to lead them to question our world and acquire a sensitivity towards ecosystems and their challenges.


  • Propose to whoever wishes, to join me on the course for a greeting, an hour or a day of sharing this extraordinary adventure which I also wants (the adventure) to be human. I want this adventure to looks like me,I want it to be AUTHENTIC.

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